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The Weather in Sicily Trapani

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Trapani Weather

Trapani enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and short and mild winters. The highest temperatures are in July and August, averaging 26ºC. The coldest months are from December to February, averaging 10-14ºC.

The water temperature in Trapani varies from about 16ºC in winter to 27ºC in the summer months. If you want to do some sightseeing and travel around Sicily then the best months are during the spring and autumn months: particularly from the middle of April to the middle of June and September to October. The Schirokko is a hot, dry and often dust laden wind, which originates in the desert regions of North Africa and blows from the south over the island

The town of Trapani occupies a spectacular location between the sea and mountains, surrounded by fertile hills which are framed by the Egadi islands on the West, the saltpans on the South and Mount Erice on the East.

The province of Trapani is one of the most important grape-production areas in Italy comprising over about 87,000 acres which provide 45% of the total vineyard area of Sicily.

Below is a chart showing the average monthly ºC temperatures in Trapani.

Sicilian climate


Finally if you are thinking of hiring a car to get around and explore places off the tourist track then it is worth considering booking one with air conditioning - especially during the summer months.

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